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Kimberlee Jo is many things: a change-maker, an unshakable optimist, and an inspiring
speaker who engages audiences as they experience a rare clarity about their next steps
and way forward. She’s worked as a strategist for technology and Fortune 500
companies and she uses this background and personal experiences to guide her clients
and audiences.   Among her many achievements is she’s the mother of two remarkable
young adults, has been married for 32 years to Tom Buckingham---, and was a former
beauty queen and professional dancer. Kimberlee Jo is a graduate of Univ of Cal,
Berkeley and she has an MBA from the Univ or Oregon. A Certified Executive and Life
Coach, a board member on Oregon’s OEMBA program and active in charities that
empower women.

Her passions are focused on helping women become leaders, write their own destinies,
and lead meaningful and purposeful lives. Her book SMART is the New Perfect will be
published in 2018 and she’s designed workshops and programs around these oh-so
practical concepts. She is living her dream leading women to stand up, speak up and
power up. And that perfect thing, she is now “Not Perfect” Join her to create the life you
are dreaming about!