Just when you thought speaking was the best way to build your business, coaching started taking over.

More and more organizations are hiring life and executive coaches instead of trainers and consultants. Managers are learning to coach employees, and savvy businesses are coaching their customers.

How could practical skills in coaching, questioning, NLP, and marketing help you in your business?

What if you could have clients within a week and passive, residual income by summer without needing expensive infrastructure to make it happen?

Are you making money making a difference? Are you confident you have something valuable enough to offer as a part of your skillset?

Special Offer for Colleagues and Friends (Course Outlines Follow):
The Professional Coach Academy’s Life Coach Certification course is a webinar-based program with video and audio self-study components. At the end of 16 hours (12 of them live via webinar) of instruction and practice, you will be accredited as a Certified Professional Coach with everything you need to start working with clients. 75% of graduates have worked with paying clients within a month of completing the course.

The retail price of the course is $697, but for Speakers I bundle in a marketing program designed to make you money within a week. This limited offer also includes the bonuses detailed below, all for $397.

How the Courses Will Work:
The coach certification training is live via webinar:

There are six 20-minute videos to watch in advance of the training. You will be pairing up with other participants to practice coaching sessions as a part of the training. There will also be a homework assignment for the evening between sessions 1 and 2 that takes 30-40 minutes.

Upcoming Certification Dates

October 13-14 Executive Coach Certification LIVE via webinar 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Central Time each day www.ProfessionalCoachAcademy.com/executive

October 23-24 Professional Coach Certification LIVE via Webinar 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Central Time each day

BUNDLE Professional Coach Certification with Executive Coach Certification and SAVE! $697 for both

There are six 20-minute videos to watch in advance of the training. We will take intermittent 10-minute breaks and a 20-minute lunch break. You will be pairing up with other participants to practice coaching sessions as a part of the training. There will also be a homework assignment for the evening between sessions 1 and 2 that takes 30-40 minutes.

Custom Sessions can be scheduled for 6 or more people

In-Person Programs are available for 10 or more people

Audios, videos, PDFs and recordings of all material are also provided for your support. I am committed to each of you being certified with paying clients if your commitment is equally strong.

I will include live webinars on marketing, but the marketing course has already been designed in video and PDF to get you going. You also get a one-on-one session with your Certified Master Coach Trainer. I have over 30 coaching clients over the past year who have built profitable businesses within a month of completing this course.

How You Make Money:
The marketing course includes step-by-step setup instructions for some services sites that can get you work right away.

Limited-Time Bonuses – Your Investment Includes:

  • Life Coach Certification Training Course ($697)
  • 90-Minute One-on-One Confident Coach Set-up Session ($197)
  • Ongoing Continuing Education Webinars and Materials; Text and Email Support ($497)
  • Assistance writing your Bio, Marketing Verbiage, and Content ($297)
  • Brand Yourself on Purpose Home Study Course ($297)
  • Interview with Sherry with Recording ($97)
  • Private Facebook Group

The remainder of this page outlines both courses and the coaching program. Please read them and call me at 817 657-5301 to register or ask questions. I prefer to take a credit card by phone, so I can answer all your questions and customize our schedule. You can also click below to pay via PayPal

Choose Your Program:

Already a Certified Coach? Ask about how to join the community and get all the bonuses.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to continued collaboration,

Sherry Prindle
Certified Master Coach Trainer
Top 100 Professional Coach
Professional Speaker
Virtual Training Specialist

Certified Professional Life Coach Course Outline

Understanding What Coaching is and What Coaches Do
What coaching is and why it is so powerful
What coaches do exactly and where to draw the line with other modalities
Most “coaches” are not really coaching, so what is a good coach?
What clients think coaching is vs. what it really is
What clients are actually buying and how to make sure they know you delivered it

Coaching Techniques and Practices (Hands-on)
The initial coaching conversation
Building trust, rapport, and cooperation with clients
The first coaching session
Helping clients discover what they want and be motivated to get it
Using questions to help clients shift perspective and make discoveries
Identifying and clearing blocks and repeated behavior patterns
Subconscious Reprogramming
The second and subsequent coaching sessions
Helping clients create accomplishable plans and holding them accountable to follow through

Logistics and Business Configuration
Setting up your practice: choices and recommendations
Outline of coaching sessions and long-term “curriculum”
Particulars of your coaching process: timing, medium, deliverables
Getting paid to coach: determining price and collecting payments
Growing your business to make more while working less

Marketing Yourself to Create a Flow of Incoming Clients
Branding yourself based on your purpose and your target niche
Finding and reaching your target client niche
Composing your compelling marketing message and materials
Keeping a flow of new prospects in your pipeline
Succeeding effortlessly online with a web page and social media
Content marketing, and creating passive residual income
Creating and managing your reputation

Bonus Materials
Continuing education modules on marketing and coaching
90-Minute one-on-one “Coach Incubator” session
Private Facebook group for collaboration and support

Active participation in all exercises and activities while exhibiting an understanding of all core concepts are required to achieve the designation of Certified Professional Life Coach

This 16-credit-hour course comprises introductory self-paced video modules with 10 or more hours of live training and hands-on practice via webinar. Your instructor, Sherry Prindle, is a 15-year veteran trainer and Top 100 coach. 817 657-5301

Brand Yourself on Purpose: Practical, Hands-on Marketing Course Outline

This course contains everything you need to start Making Money Making a Difference without needing expensive infrastructure

Your Brand: Find Your Unique Purpose and Market from It
A powerful exercise that helps you discover your strengths, weaknesses, blocks, and opportunities
The sweet spot from which to position yourself
A big-picture combination of everything you have to offer

Your Niche: Attract Clients by Exuding Your Purpose
Identifying your tribe, and narrowing your focus
Drawing clients to you through pull marketing
Hypnotic messages that make it easy for clients to say “yes”

Your Infrastructure: Make Money with Minimal Up-Front Investment
An effective web presence that positions you as an expert and draws a crowd
Profiles that allow you to get paying clients within a week
Content marketing to crush the competition

Your Approach: Configure a Business for Growth and Passive Income
Creating your coaching packages
Building a speaking business
Developing products and a marketing funnel
Compiling and offering to a list
Automating profits

“Get Clients in a Week” Social Media Toolkit
Top Secret list of sites where you can find clients this week
Step-by-step instructions on how to set yourself up on these sites
Winning strategies of wildly successful online marketers

Bonus Materials
90-Minute one-on-one “Brand Creation and Business Setup” session
Radio interview aired on Amazing Women of Power network
Continuing education modules and updates
Private Facebook group for collaboration and support

This course comprises an overview of marketing strategy with a tour of social media via audio and video. Hands-on step-by-step PDF and video instructions accompany the course to allow you turnkey access to clients. Your instructor, Sherry Prindle has launched the financially successful careers of over 200 coaches, speakers, and other service professionals.

Your Registration: Please call Sherry at 817 657-5301 or email sherry@sherryprindle.com with Name, Email, and Phone. Then make payment by phone with a credit card.