Interact LIVE with Certified Master Coach Trainer, Sherry Prindle and other participants to learn and practice the techniques of coaching and building a coaching business.

This is a full 16-hour life and executive coach certification course that earns you the designation “Certified Professional Coach.” Watch the video overview, and check out the course outline below it.

Course Outline

Understanding What Coaching is and What Coaches Do

  • What coaching is and why it is so powerful?
  • What coaches do and where to draw the line with other modalities?
  • Most “coaches” are not really coaching, so what is a good coach?
  • What clients think coaching is vs. what it really is?
  • What clients are actually buying and how to make sure they know you delivered it?

Coaching Techniques and Practices (Hands-on)

  • The initial coaching conversation
  • Building trust, rapport, and cooperation with clients
  • The first coaching session
  • Helping clients discover what they want and be motivated to get it
  • Using questions to shift perspective and spark discoveries
  • Identifying and clearing blocks and repeated behavior patterns
  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • The second and subsequent coaching sessions
  • Helping clients create accomplishable plans and holding them accountable to follow through

Logistics and Business Configuration

  • Setting up your practice: choices and recommendations Outline of coaching sessions and long-term “curriculum”
  • Particulars of your coaching process: timing, medium, deliverables
  • Getting paid to coach: determining price and collecting payments
  • Growing your business to make more while working less

Marketing Yourself to Create a Flow of Incoming Clients

  • Branding yourself based on your purpose and your target niche
  • Finding and reaching your target client niche
  • Composing your compelling marketing message and materials
  • Keeping a flow of new prospects in your pipeline
  • Succeeding effortlessly online with a web page and social media
  • Content marketing, and creating passive residual income
  • Creating and managing your reputation

Bonus Materials

  • Brand Yourself on Purpose Comprehensive Marketing Training Program ($697 value)
  • 90-Minute one-on-one “Brand Creation Business Setup” session
  • Private Facebook group for collaboration and support

Upon completion of all course assignments and interactions, you will be accredited as a Certified Professional Coach


Certified Professional Coach

Total Value $1,844

Price: $997