Are you passionate about something? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Have people always come to you for advice? Coaching is a calling, and it changes lives. What if you could do what you love, impact people deeply, and earn income doing it? The Professional Coach Academy is committed to helping natural-born coaches become professional coaches who make money making a difference.

Perhaps that sounds good, but you wonder how you could ever really create a business like that. Where would you find clients? How would you approach people asking to be paid for your service? Could you ever actually be good or confident enough to pull it off? We’ve got you covered. The PCA’s intensive course is hands-on with real-world practice and video modules you can keep and refer back to anytime. You get marketing support and help setting up your business. You also have long-term access to your instructors beyond the training.

I’m Sherry Prindle, and I created the Professional Coach Academy because so many amazing people out there making a difference in the world approached me asking, “How can I do what you do?”

At first, I referred people to other coach certification programs, but they always came back to me asking, “Now what? I’m not sure I’m ready to coach anyone and don’t know where or how to get clients.”

I realized they were experiencing something I had struggled with: the program they invested in did not match their need. Knowledge is not power; APPLIED knowledge is power, and you can only apply what you have the resources to pull off. I was what they wanted to become, not the internationally famous guru who taught their course.

So I started this program to give you the power, confidence, tools, and support you need to do what I do: Get abundant clients, coach them effectively, and make money making a difference.

Please fill out the contact form, so we can schedule a call for you to share your dream of making money making a difference. I will assess what action steps I can recommend to help you get there.

You are already a coach. Why not fulfill your destiny and get paid for the value you provide?

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