What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a trained, experienced professional who helps individuals: PCA-LOGO-rev3

    •Identify what they want and need to do
    •Break goals down into actionable steps and systems
    •Follow through in achieving them

Executive coaches do the same for executives.
Business coaches do the same for entrepreneurs.
Most coaches embellish the basic model with varying degrees of specialization. What are you thinking of for your specialization?

What Makes Coaching So Powerful?

    •Most people don’t seem to know what they want, but coaching is based on the assumption that they really do know deep inside.
    •Coaches draw out clients and help them get clear on their goals and create action plans to achieve them.
    •People don’t argue with their own ideas, so coaching is typically more powerful than other modalities that are based on advice.
    •Clarity, structure, and accountability are the fundamental elements that give power to coaching.

How Does Coaching Differ from Other Modalities?

Sherry Prindle Insight on Life Coaching
Sherry Prindle Insight on Life Coaching