Coaching is a self-regulated industry; there is no legal requirement to be certified. Clients expect coaches to have relevant training, however. The Professional Coach Academy was designed as an alternative to bureaucratic jumping through hoops. We provide practical, transformational training and support, which does still meet the standards set for the coaching industry by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The Professional Coach Academy was expressly created for professionals already certified as trainers or other service providers. Rather than forcing individuals already accredited in their own fields into duplicate instruction as coaches, PCA recognizes the instruction already provided in their respective credentialing programs.

Just as with an ICF Credential, PCA coaches demonstrate not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics.

Your Instructor, The Professional Coach Academy’s founder, Sherry Prindle, led Professional Trainer Certification on behalf of Fred Pryor Seminars for 8 years. After becoming a Certified Master Coach Trainer through the Certified Coaches Federation, she saw coaching as an important complement to training and wanted to provide certification to other practitioners that would meet ICF standards without requiring unnecessary duplication and expense to candidates.

The Certified Professional Coach Course provides 24 hours of live training and 6 hours of independent study. Coach candidates provide proof of another 30 hours of professional instruction to make up the 60 hours required by the International Coach Federation for ACC Coach Certification. This combination follows the ICF-prescribed Core Competencies, as indicated below: