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About Professional Executive Coach Certification

Is there demand? Coaching is a $1.5 billion industry growing at a faster rate than other niches in the field of consultancy. Executive Coaching makes up 87% of that pie, so trainers, coaches, counselors, and consultants are all vying for a piece.

-Graduates of the Professional Coach Academy’s Executive Coach Certification tend to find clients within one month of certification. If you are not sure where to look for opportunities; we help you with that.

Are you qualified? What gives you the right to coach executives? What makes you stand out as “the one”? How do you brand yourself as someone who knows business? What is different about Executive and Business Coaching? You might be surprised at how qualified you really are – call for a consultation to explore your options.

-The prerequisite for the course is either a Certified Professional Coach designation from the Professional Coach Academy, a coach certification from another training program, or life experience as a mentor, coach, leader, counselor, or related field.

Are you interested? Confidence, credibility, and content are the three things most professionals need to launch into executive coaching. Sherry Prindle, Founder of the Professional Coach Academy and Robin White Underwood, creator of a comprehensive executive coach curriculum have teamed up to construct a Professional Executive Coach Certification, audited by a top business consultant, that gives you tools and skills you can use the next day with clients.

Are you ready? This 12-hour course takes you through the requirements and qualifications for executive coaching, methods for assessing and improving performance, identifying Key Performance Indicators for measuring success, scheduling, tracking, finding clients, and more.

Call Sherry Prindle at 817 657-5301 to determine if this is course is a suitable step toward your dreams.

Who is this course for?

Not affiliated with the International Coach Federation, this course is targeted toward professionals who already have applicable knowledge and background and do not need the equivalent of a college degree in coaching because they have commensurate experience. Rather than sit through hundreds of hours of training that repeats professional workshops you have already taken and forcing you to log endless hours of practice coaching, the Professional Coach Academy gets you client-ready in just two days.

  • Are you passionate about something? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Have people always come to you for advice? Are you interested in working with organizations, agencies, institutions, or large contracts?
  • Coaching is a calling, and it changes lives. What if you could do what you love, impact people deeply, and earn income doing it?
  • The Professional Coach Academy is committed to helping natural-born coaches become professional coaches who make money making a difference. The executive program helps you bridge the gap between working with individual clients (which the flagship Certified Professional Coach certification trains you to do) and being hired by third parties to fulfill contracts.
  • PCA supports you in your continuous development. The PCA’s intensive course is hands-on with real-world practice and video modules you can keep and refer back to anytime as well as forms and worksheets to use in your coaching practice.
  • You get marketing support and help setting up your business. You also have long-term access to your instructors beyond the training.

What are the requirements or prerequisites?

  1. Knowledge, connections,  and experience in the field or with the clientele you want to serve or a willingness to put in the time, research, and effort to work with them.
  2. Certified Professional Coach certification from the Professional Coach Academy OR  coach certification from another organization OR commensurate life experience (call Sherry Prindle at 817 657-5301 for a consultation on whether you are a good fit).

What will you learn?

  • 12-Hour Weekday Evening Course is Scheduled to Fit Your Busy Schedule
  • Interactive, Immersive using the Flipped Classroom for Immediate Impact
  • Requirements and Qualifications for Executive Coaching
  • Methods for Assessing and Improving Performance
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators for Measuring Success
  • Infrastructure and Marketing
  • Getting the Contract
  • Scheduling, Tracking, Finding Clients, and More
  • Coaching Content
  • Stages of the Coaching Process
  • Making Sure You’re “C-Suite Ready”
  • The Business of Scheduling and Pricing
  • At the completion You will be a Certified Executive Coach
  • This ONE Class Supports You Throughout Your Career with Unlimited Guidance and Resources

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The course price is $997, but for you, our friends and colleagues, it is $497.

Please call Sherry at 817 657-5301 to have a chat about your goals. This course is so practical, you can find and coach clients the very next day.

If you have no education or experience coaching, take the Professional Coach Academy’s Professional Coach Certification. It comes with a full marketing course and 3 hours of one-on-one time with Sherry. The price is $697, but you can bundle it with the Executive course for a total investment of $797.

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