Thinking About Becoming a Certified Coach?

  1. Are you the person people come to for advice? Are you actually acting as “coach” to people in some capacity?
  2. When you find yourself giving advice, do you ever wonder where to “draw the line” between counseling and coaching, between being helpful and butting in?
  3. Are you certain you know what you’re doing as a coach – what questions to ask and approaches to take?
  4. Do people take your advice? Do you have any idea what to do when they don’t?
  5. How would being certified as a coach change others’ view of you, from the perspective of a becoming client and in general?
  6. In your own mind, what difference would being certified make?
  7. Are there new things you could learn that would improve your ability to help people?
  8. Do you ever feel like you’re the one who needs help? Do you have insight and tools to help yourself make life changes to be free and happy?
  9. What is the best way you could recruit coaching clients?
  10. How much should you charge for coaching? Do you feel confident asking that much?
  11. How will your lifestyle be different when you are a certified coach?
  12. What is holding you back from going for it and getting certified as a coach?

Call (817) 657-5301 and talk to Certified Master Coach Trainer, Sherry Prindle about your dreams and whether coaching is a good fit. We offer a 2-Day Live, Hands-on Life and Executive Coach Certification Course in a Webinar format to fit your needs and busy lifestyle.