Discipline Through Daily Accountability

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One of the best coaches I have met is Kellan Fluckiger. In a group coaching program, he took me through a valuable ritual I would like to share. He called it a Daily Accountability Ritual. Each person chose 4 things they would do every day – one in each of four categories: Body, Bank, Being, Balance. You got a point for each one you did, and the goal was to get 28 every week (4 per day times 7 days).

The first week, no one got all 28, so guess what Kellan said to do? “Make them smaller.” We were surprised at that directive, but when we kept doing so, we finally all started to get consistent scores of 28.

The actions I took may not have been big, but this activity changed my life. It was the discipline of doing what I told myself I would do that rippled through many areas of my life and has me keeping up the ritual today.