Certified Professional Coach Training Preparation

Welcome to your Professional Coach Certification Course. If you have not yet had a conversation with me, Sherry Prindle, I would love to hear more about your goals. I will be sending you a welcome email and an invitation to Dropbox via the email used by PayPal to take your payment. If you would prefer to use a different email address, please sent a message through the contact form on this Web site, by email to sherry@sherryprindle.com, or by telephone to 817 657-5301.

You will find this training helpful in many areas of your life. The Professional Coach Academy is here long-term to support you; remember you can retake this course at no additional cost. Please complete these steps prior to the start of the live webinar-based portion of your training.

I have deposited two folders into your Dropbox. One is called “Life Coach Certification Course,” and the other is “Brand Yourself on Purpose Marketing Course.” The Coach Certification Training modules are available in both video and audio formats. You can choose the format you prefer. The video versions show the PowerPoint along with the instruction.

What to Do First:

In the folder called “Life Coach Certification Course”:

  • Open the document called, “Pre-Certification Video Training Worksheet”
  • Watch “Coach Cert Module 1,” (The Introduction video is optional) and compare it against what you thought coaching was about. Jot down any questions you have and complete Section 1 of the “Pre-Certification Video Training Worksheet”
  • What are some things you have wanted to change but haven’t managed to follow through on? Compare those with things you have accomplished. What was the difference? Listen to “Coach Cert Module 2,” jot down thoughts and questions, and complete Section 2 of the “Pre-Certification Video Training Worksheet”
  • Consider any personality profiles you have ever taken and what your style was called, then watch “Coach Cert Module 3,” and make notes
  • Do you pay more attention to what you see, hear, or feel? If you really want to learn something, do you need to hear it, see it, or do it? Watch “Coach Cert Module 4,” write thoughts and questions, and complete Section 3 of the “Pre-Certification Video Training Worksheet”
  • Watching Coach Cert Module 5 and Coach Cert Module 6 is optional before class starts, but if you do watch them, complete section 4 of the “Pre-Certification Video Training Worksheet”

After viewing the modules and filling in the “Pre-Certification Checklist,” please send your answers to Sherry: info@ProfessionalCoachAcademy.com

Before the Live Sessions:

  • Open the “Coach Cert Workbook” and the “Coach Cert PowerPoint” (Optional as I will be showing it on the webinar) as well as the 1st and 2nd Session worksheets on day 1, and 3rd Session worksheet on day 2
  • Be prepared for a 30- to 40-minute homework assignment between days 1 and 2
  • Have a beverage, paper (or printed out workbook), and pen, and log into the webinar via the link I will send before the class.
  • Contact Sherry with any questions or concerns: info@professionalcoachacademy.com or 817 657-5301

Additional, Optional Activities:

  • Be aware of how you tend to operate. What motivates you? How do you discipline yourself? What is your method for keeping track of goals, tasks, and reminders?
  • Try on a niche. Whom do you think you would like to coach? What do you think you would like to charge or earn as a coach? In the folder called, “Brand Yourself of Purpose” read over and do some of the exercises on the “Create a Product” sheet.
  • Develop a deeper sense of your target market by going through the “14-P Marketing Course” in the “Brand Yourself on Purpose” folder
  • Think about how and where you want to coach: in a coffee shop, via Skype or Zoom, over the telephone, via webinar